The Piacentile Family Foundation supports a wide variety of nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, and causes. Below is a portfolio of some of the organizations we have been proudly supporting over the years.


We are passionate about the theatrical arts as a vital creative force for our communities and for society at large. Musicals, theater, performance art, and other creative practices spark our imagination, challenge us to engage with our emotions, and foster dialogue about relationships, identity, and other social issues of our times.


We believe that a safer, healthier, more just and sustainable world is possible. Our social impact portfolio supports organizations that work tirelessly to ensure safety, fairness, and equal opportunity for all. Our approach brings together government, businesses, and individuals to collaborate in building a stronger society.


Faith is a cornerstone of our family’s values and an essential pillar of our Foundation’s giving. We believe in the power of faith-­based organizations to deliver support, hope, and love to undeserved communities. By bringing together diverse groups of people in service of the greater good, faith-­based organizations can transform lives on a local and global scale.