Cultivating the arts and the diverse creative elements as an avenue for perpetuating a stronger, more dynamic society.


    Supporting organizations, programs, and campaigns to promote social justice, advance public safety, fight fraud, and create lasting social change.


    Supporting global Christian outreach efforts in order to share the uplifting democratic spirit of hope, faith, and love to disadvantaged and impoverished people, families, and communities.

Who We Are

The Piacentile Family Foundation (PFF) is a private foundation, dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others by building a more creative, secure, and just society.

Our Goal

The Foundation is an expression of the Piacentile family’s commitment to social impact. PFF is honored to be able to channel its resources, its network, and give of its time and energy to strengthen and support those that are making a difference in our society.

Our Focus

PFF does not accept unsolicited grants, but engages in a thoughtful process to select programs, projects, nonprofits and causes that align with the following categories: Theatrical Arts, Social Impact, and Christian Outreach.